DSC_0036The festive aroma of peppers and onions on a hot grill greet us as we enter Memorial Park in Newberg. I see a few familiar faces and am reminded of being glad for the cordial invite.


From Left: Jake, Beth, Kristin & David

Kristin McColm, owner of Happy Gilmore Cleaning Girls, greets me with her ever kind way. She was actually the very first person I ever met upon making my way out and about after moving to Newberg a few years ago. We are both busy people, but when we run across each other, it’s like seeing an old friend. The history is short, but the vibe is ancient.



I see Jake Ramirez, owner of Water Bear Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, grilling up some plump emerald peppers. It’s a hot one, and his diligence at the large, sooty grill shows off his ingrained work ethic in a subconscious and humble manner. We have a nice chat about roasting peppers, and I share about a time I spent in New Mexico experiencing my first green chilies. I briefly met Jake just this summer, in passing at Tunes On Tuesday.

DSC_0035A perk to a small town is quickly getting to know others. I initially engaged with Beth, who volunteers with the Newberg Animal Shelter, just last week. She recognized me and helped our family to feel welcomed and fit in as a natural part of the gathering. She added effort to organize the event.

Sharing shade with nice people is a wonderful way to spend a heated, near end-of-summer day. Kristin gets in some nice lovey time with Sender as she prepares again for a baby on the way. Congratulations!


Baskets of contest entries line the clean picnic tables. Simply drop a business card and it’s good luck to the winner. There are prizes for Red Hills Market of Dundee, Social Goods: A Newberg Family Market, and services from both Happy Gilmore Cleaning Girls and Water Bear, all sponsored by these two uniquely named businesses. It’s appealing to enter for a nice local and practical prize.


There are so many good eats to be had. Everything from charbroiled burgers to chips to grilled veggies. There are 4 huge coolers stocked with family friendly drinks. Fresh cut watermelons and “pile on the makin’s” plates ready to go for a sizzling grilled burger. Thanks for all the picnic effort. It feels like a Southern summer, full of child chatter, lightheartedness, and bit of sweetened sweat.


Several summer slinging kids are showing off their muscles with energetic games of bocce ball. They toss, and giggle, and toss again. Their polite demeanor is curious in the dog-days sun. There is a natural teamwork condensed in these athletic young playmates.



These youngsters have some Babylonian stamina when it comes to building and rebuilding a giant tower of Jenga under the shady park awning.

DSC_0069The star of the show is definitely the banana yellow slip n’ slide, a true 80’s classic of summer nostalgia. Kristin’s husband David, ensures the perpetual streams of cool rain from the oscillating sprinkler create a dazzling summertime oasis of slippery splash-dash. Watching for mini-rainbows and ramping up speed to hit the purple pool at the end, is the simplistic, yet enchanting goal for these water whippersnappers. Sender takes a couple of footie splashes.



Through the shady day, clients pop in and out, grabbing a juicy burger, and saying hello and thanks. I can see how an uncomplicated picnic in the park is an awesome way to appreciate the fans of your provided service.

We had a nice relaxing time enjoying the company of great people and witnessing just one of the many ways these two awesome local companies come together and give back to their customers and the community.


Water Bear and Happy Gilmore Cleaning Girls Customer Appreciation BBQ Aug 20 2016