I am hoofing past the early hour of the Newberg Farmer’s Market with Sender happily bouncing along in the Ergobaby. I am sure he is wondering why Mama is in such a rush this morning. I am trying to get up to the library area to catch the last bit of a performance by the Border Collies International Team. It’s a bit warm out, and I have been walking quickly in my late remembrance of the event. We get up to the plaza near the Chehalem Cultural Center and low and behold I have missed it. I love doggies, and am sad that I will have to wait until their return. That’s ok. We have plenty to explore at this weeks Farmer’s Market, less than a block from where I am catching my breath.


Behold the musician of the week, Bryan Podwys, gaily strumming away on his gold and brown-leaf appliqued guitar. He is happy, therefore the crowd is happy. I love how that works. We hang for a bit and enjoy the dollop of tunes landing in the grassy square. It’s always so pleasant to enjoy live music wafting through the air as you check out fresh goodies and have nice, easy chats.DSC_0009

We wander past the Saint Joseph Acres booth and all of their splendid looking veggies. There are a lot of gorgeous tubers and onions to choose from. There is a cute couple engaged in tasting and conversation. They seem to be relaxed and enjoying the palate of colorful earth treats spread before them. I take note of the “No spray”, and “No Chemicals” wording chalked out on their colorful sandwich board. Good to know when you are toting a little one, or if prone to allergies.DSC_0010


DSC_0016Our longest stop of the afternoon ends up being at the Daily Ranch Soap Kitchen. Kim Chai the owner, artist, and soap maker started back in Honolulu in 2012. She is a small woman with an air of intense strength about her seemingly soft presence. She is very passionate about her art and enthusiastic to share how she creates. She has many different types of handiwork on display and we chatted a bit about each








First Kim Chai Designs, her clothing line made of up-cycled material, sewn in various quilt-like patches, has a colorfulDSC_0015 touch of painted design. She creates stamps and adds the paint to the fabric. It’s remarkably kaleidoscopic with a strong Pacific Islander theme. There is no one article alike that I can pick out. It’s a very lively line of dress for men and woman. I explored the rack with a bright smile from the genuine aura of the clothing. She also has paper bead jewelry and some vibrant and well-made pincushions.DSC_0021

We talked about her Goats Milk Soap and bar lotion. I sampled the Plumeria lotion bar and found it lovely. I just had to get some. As we were about to move on, she mentioned the current need of a seamstress. So, if you know anyone, maybe you could get in touch with her.



We said goodbye for now, then shuffled on down to hang out with Carolyn of the Polka Dot Palace. She had quite a few garden art pieces going on.



DSC_0036 They were amusing to look at, and I was inspired by her use of crusty leather belt buckles as decor hangers. She held on to a vibrantly colored bouquet of flowers the entire time we engaged. It was charming as she fiddled with each stem. She was a total dear heart, and I could guess she was very happy to take part in the market festivities.DSC_0035








It was again time to scoot along, with much enjoyment to be had, hanging out with Casey Corum at Casey “Rocks” and Dark Amber Gold Honey. He is such a pleasurable guy to talk to. He’s got the look of a discreet Viking with his flash of fire-orange hair, speckled with the wisdom of earthly time, and crystalline-lens eyes to compliment the rock spread before him, an altar of sorts, with a bit of honey as the precious offering. He’s been at the Farmer’s Market for 6 years. He has all sorts of rock jewelry to choose from, and the wrapping is quite unique. I have a stepdaughter, that on occasion also creates these neat stone wraps, that do impress me, but I have yet to engage in such a craft myself to provide a deeper appreciation. I look at them in clement awe of the time spent.


I sampled his Dark Amber Gold Honey, although a bit of a winded title, it is the perfect description. It is deliciously smooth, and I purchased a jar to share with family during an upcoming camping trip. I am excited to partake in the sticky delight with them.


I made a final drop in at Tom’s Pies, to grab a few gluten-free chocolate-chip peanut butter bars that Nathan and I both love, when I stumbled across Shannon. She was getting some homemade apple pie for lunch. We grabbed a picnic bench, kindly shaded with a canopy, where she spent more time adoring Sender then getting to her beloved pie.



It was a sweet, “sing-songy day” with nice people and tasty goodies. We’ll be back around next week for more music, smiles, and tantalizing taste bud treasures all around.DSC_0040

Newberg Farmer’s Market July 20, 2016