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“Catch a Wave” at Tunes on Tuesday- August 2016


DSC_0307The lyrics rising in the surf of the sky above the Chehalem Cultural Center, “I wish they all could be California Girls”, spins a beach party atmosphere, lacking only in the gritty, blazing sands of a 60’s California beach shindig. I know. I grew up in Southern California on the beaches and although The Beach Boys were a highlife before my swinging teens, I was able to relive it through the stories of my Aunts and Uncles, the big fans that they were. How could you not be? It defines an era of party culture. An era of romping in the crashing waves, holding hands and necking on a plaid blanket, and an iconic mental image of standing on that short sea cliff with a long board tucked under the golden arm of a sun-bleached blonde surfer.


Nathan and I stop to view Catch a Wave cover band. These “beach boy look-a-likes” are swaying in unison on the stage with totally tubular smiles enlivening the crowd. Ocean blue and white vertical striped shirts tucked in to perfectly crisp, skinny, vintage blanched jeans that point down into those old skool white vans, from back in the day surf culture. I am spying the crowd for Gidgets and Grommets shaking it “Beach Blanket Bingo” style. Frankie and Annette would be frontside for sure at this beach party.


Having just returned from a Malibu vacation myself, I enjoy seeing motif matching beach balls flying around at the end of tiny fingertips.


The kiddos are bouncing higher than these inflatable globes of paddlepuss magic. It’s rad to see the enthusiasm of the older crowd reminiscing a simpler time and relishing the enjoyment of their grandchildren in such familiar tunes.


Avoiding the riptide of dancers, I make a slash for the closest coffee and there floats Chris with Caravan Artisan Roasted Coffee, my caffeine savior of the evening. He serves up a refreshing cold brew of Organic Peru Feminino for Nathan and I. We add our sweet and cream as we please. Plunk in the emerald straw and there I go, sucking dry.


Riding the swell of the crowd, I drift over to nearby local representative tent for New York Life. I am curious as to what they have to offer in such a tune-filled evening.

DSC_0273I am kindly greeted by Collin who politely let’s me know that they have an open, informative meeting at Ye Old Pizza Shoppe on the frequent, for financial questions and answers. He then gets busy to helping with the free National Child ID Program service that they offer. I am amazed at the technology they have set up here and how quickly it goes. The small boy in the chair is playing with the ID clip while Mom stands by in her good intention. Everyone is having a great time making the safety record.


Collin Bonsey is also affiliated with Young Pros, of which Tunes on Tuesday is their baby. I’ll attend a meeting in the future to meet some of these dynamic and community oriented young professionals. Thank you, Young Pros, for putting on such a well organized event so close to our home. I stopped by the Young Pros central tent and learned a bit about the hours they put in. They start set up around 5:30 pm and clean up commences with a gathering around 10. This is the first year that they are an 503c non-profit and that an enclosed beer garden was not required. This is great for families as everyone can have a nice backyard-like party mingle at the rear of the plaza.


Laid-back viewers, contentedly sipping wine or beer, pleasantly grace the gorgeous rock walls lining the plaza. A few are just enjoying a relaxed evening chat. Some are here for the duration; some are just popping in while walking home through the neighborhood. It distantly reminds me of the evening local hang out on the Spanish Steps in Rome.



Sidewalk Chalk Art

I stumbled upon some remains of  The Sidewalk Chalk Art Project from the Newberg Old Fashioned Festival. The chalk was provided courtesy of Social Goods-A Newberg Family Market through the Chehalem Cultural Center. Sender has his own bag that we picked up.

Mimi the Bouvier

Mimi the Bouvier


The Newberg Animal Shelter had a nice cool spot near the bricks of the Cultural Building. They have a fun prize wheel to spin. It’s only a quarter, which funds the shelter, and you win a little prize. I always see kids partaking. Amy Sorenson has been volunteering her time for over 4 years and is on the Board of Directors. Beth and Laura were assisting her at the event and expressing their enthusiasm and care for our local critters in need of adoption.


I learned about “kitten season” of which I was clueless beforehand. This summer, just as our bolting gardens around town, also happens to be a very cat fruitful one, leaving many kittens with a need for homes. They had 40+ kittens at once in the shelter. If you would like to help, they are forever in need of kitty food and more volunteers. Even though the topic of homeless pups and kittens can be a sad one, they are lighthearted and positive in their quest and conversation. I really enjoyed my visit and the intelligent and informative chat. I am looking forward to attending “Wine and Whiskers” in the coming April.


DSC_0312You can count on Cream Northwest for a surf’s up party-wave line full of folks who wouldn’t hesitate to wipe-out into a large tub of homemade ice cream. The classic melded flavors of vanilla fudge was a chilled popular.


Our last stop of the evening, to grab our take home dinner, was Wiki Wiki Weenie a.k.a, The Fastest Hot Dog Cart in the World. Rusty and Linda are always ready for a good time. We like to stop and talk with them about Hawaii. I reminisce with them my trip to Kauai every time and look forward to returning for a family vacation soon. They serve up a mean and authentic Kalua pig. The colorful image of sweet mango salsa speaks for itself.

DSC_0319We ordered full dinner plates and admired the distressed, yet very clean weenie car while we waited for our made-to-order Hawaiian Islands treat. This neat old car has been made into a food truck unlike any I have ever seen. I’m stoked on my Puaa (pu-oo-ah-ah) Pig sandwich, stuffed with bacon, sausage, and kalua pig. Now if I can just snake on home without mullering, I’ll be hangin’ loose.

Dude, that was going off!




Tunes On Tuesday August 16 2016







Dog Costume Contest-Old Fashioned Festival 2016


The contest intro begins with an awesome Police K-9 Frisbee catch and an explanation of just what this amazing Furry Officer is trained to do. The kids are wowed, and I can tell they are in that wonderful state of doggie adoration. I know I am.


Its great to see local places such as the Newberg Family Pet Clinic, Newberg Animal Shelter, and the Newberg Veterinary Hospital helping to sponser the event.









Current Pets for Adoption, Newberg Animal Shelter

Downtown Newberg Businesses like Critter Cabana are also representing and judging.


Critter Cabana Prizes


The Dog Costume Contest a great way to get in a “frolicky” mood for the start of the Old Fashioned Festival.


These delicately dressed pooches seem right at home in the heat in silly costumes ranging from a Christmas Ewok for the them of “Christmas in July”, to a Skunk to one cuddly buddy simply called “Summer Fun” in a carnation pink dress. The owners mingle proudly and the kids are excited to show off their dressed-up hounds.





One by one, the excellent announcer brings up the categories and does a quick, friendly interview with the Dogs’ “person”. I say that on purpose, as I know that our terrier mix, Pepper, I am convinced, owns us and she knows it. She is very obedient when she wants to be and lucky for us she wants to be a “Good Girl” 99% of the time. These family “best friends” here are on their best show-“offy” behavior. They want to win and are enduring these outfits because they know it comes from love. They are just a bunch of gussied up fuzz-love-nuggets waiting to take home that big biscuit prize.


The two long-haired dachshunds are a “bride and groom”.




Some do tricks and some just pant, as if to say “Get me outta here you silly person”, “Christmas is cold, have you lost your minds in the heat or what?” Well, really I think it’s more like “Water, water, water, biscuit, water, toy prize, biscuit, home, nap”. Maybe it’s really me that is thirsty while I wait for another great costume to come up. It’s super fun and everyone is having a fine time.





Ok, time to judge.




A pet bed prize! And a biscuit guessing raffle!



Sender greets one of the winners “Kit”, the skunk.


Next year Pepper will debut for sure.



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