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Social Goods: A Newberg Family Market



Robin Sikkens, Owner of Social Goods: A Newberg Family Market and Wine Lockers

I think for a second, “Is that Uma Thurman smiling at me?”, as I breeze in the wide welcoming doors of Social Goods: A Newberg Family Market. That gorgeous smile which first greeted me is held in cheer by Robin Sikkens, one of the owners of this deliciously inviting Oregon Wine Country Market. I stand in awe of her beauty. She is graceful, long-legged as a doe, and I am instantly at peace in my entrance.

I feel as if I just stepped off the hot summer streets into a locally blessed market of an Italian village for a bit of gelato.




Robin is on my list of one of the most genuinely kind young women I have ever encountered in my travels. She is real in her stunning and effortlessly polished elegance both inward and outward. Now that I pop in the market on the frequent, I always look forward to a visit with her as we chat about our day, local business, our children, and the array of perfectly poised products spread before me. She is always so knowledgeable about the bounty offered on her shelves.


Danny Sikkens, her husband, someone I would refer to as absolutely and positively, a hard working and motivated “doer” is always there as well, ready for the day and talking about ongoing projects.


Danny Sikkens, Owner and Entrepreneur of VinoOregon

The exuded enthusiasm between the two of them is definitely inspiring, and I always leave with a feeling of fulfillment in my sojourn and ready to get going on my own task list.



Haley with her gorgeous smile and cascading spirals…

As exciting of a market as this is, with its cornucopia of anything from organic fruits and veggies to crunchy snacks and home-baked scones, to kombucha on tap and fresh-made sandwiches, I am inherently knowing that Sender wants to float upstairs to the Children’s Loft with his balloon head of imagination ready to burst.


There is a play area for classes and romping, arts supplies, and a plethora of high-quality and kindly priced toys. We’ll be up there for some time, getting lost together in a world of baby wonder.


Customer Alana with her one-month-old, Jade River, relaxing up in the Children’s Loft, and her son Sky Aaron, who was a little shy of the camera and hiding behind me.

We love to visit during First Friday Art Walk when live music is wafting down onto the ground floor of the “old bones building” while giddy neighbors are tasting local wine and fresh-tapped kegs.



It’s a joy to meet homegrown vendors sharing their tasty inventions and livening up the party with samples for everyone.




I have yearned to write about Social Goods and share my enthusiasm for this much needed market in beautiful Downtown Newberg for several months. I will certainly indulge in writing more over the coming years, as I am just beginning to scratch the surface of it’s sustainable and abundant offerings.

I am so enamored with this charming, not quite tiny, not quite large, but the “perfect porridge” market that I felt unworthy and intimidated to write about its excellence.



I feel anything I peck out is truly shy of the heartwarming experience I get each time I walk through those towering glass doors. It’s like stepping back in time, to a simpler way of life, a way of neighborly living, a way of wholesome peace.


Casey Sonnier, Always ready to share a story


I wonder about the aura of the historic building itself and all of the faces that once walked through. Am I experiencing the joy of past-pleased customers from another era just by entering? I believe in the imprint. I believe this is a special place.


Sender Bodhi and the Glowing Expectant Robin share a morning snuggle

Social Goods: A Newberg Family Market

September 13, 2016

Tunes On Tuesday in the Chehalem Cultural District

Tunes On Tuesday July 20, 2016



The clouds are parting into distant cotton puffs. There is a wonderful pale sapphire sky opening into the oblivion above. The evening time is so nice around here in the summer. The day cools and everyone starts to hop out and about. We are making our way over to Tunes On Tuesday in the Chehalem Cultural Center about 6 blocks from our home. I feel an easy excitement as to how many people will be there. How many friendly faces I will recognize and the anticipation for the plethora of new faces to find. Each face represents a life story; a marker in human time, past, present, and future. The elders with incredible life events behind them, ready to share on a whim. The children with imaginations and vivid life dreams dancing in their eyes, just waiting for that certain spark of life to make it a reality, a life goal, given animation. The tweens and teens discovering even further what life has hidden for them behind every seemingly familiar corner. Tunes on Tuesday, to me, offers more than just music. It is a community heartthrob, a vibrant quaking of life politely rousing the community to come together and really enjoy one of the great secrets to a happy life.






DSC_0062 - Version 4Although I am intent on enjoying the scene through my lens and chat opportunities this day, I am quite in tune with absorbing the ecstatic energy all around to fuel my mission. I wander through the sea of folding chairs and blankets seeking that nanosecond photo op. I see so many colors blur past as children sprawl out around each temporary evening campsite, dancing and singing and just simply being in the moment. Parents and grandparents watch with delight while listening to the live music. There is a fun blues group tonight and the Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter, Ellen Whyte, is dressed fantastically in a stained glass-like blouse and baby blue sunhat. I observe her signing autographs for some 20-something hipsters, appearing very cool. I notice that no matter where I stand, I can hear the music just perfectly. I’m experiencing an awesome outdoor acoustic balance and I think the seemingly endless rows of spectators helps to create this pleasant envelope of musical frequency.















The wafting ember aroma of wood-fired pizza from the Rogue Gourmet Catering Company has me salivating, as I try to focus on taking the whole scene in. It amazes me how much room there is out here with so many people. I breezily weave the crowd of sitters, standers, and wanderers, simply keeping a watchful eye out for dogs or kiddos underfoot, of which there are plenty to be adored.




The vendors line the back and sides of the event. I like this because I don’t feel forced to do anything but to enjoy the show. If I want a treat, I can simply turn around and grab something quickly to eat or drink from the many snack carts and varied libation options.





This evening I stopped and chatted with Caravan Artisan Roasted Coffee. I noticed a cold-brew system displayed, of which I also use at home, and learned that they are able to do it on a larger scale while keeping that same smooth taste. They have the capability to cold-brew process about 5 gallons at a time. I tasted a sample of Organic Peru Feminino, served with a nice little piece of cylindrical ice, in a cute espresso size paper cup, reminiscent of my time touring Northern Italy. These special coffee beans are grown by a banded group of Peruvian woman. Served as Cold-brew coffee, it has a lower acidity than hot-brewed. I did not know this about cold brewing until my Aunt recently schooled me, by which Chris, from Caravan, reiterated it for me in his adorable Irish accent. I didn’t know it was Irish until I inquired, and he made me guess as to what it was. I guessed Scottish. He laughed jubilantly and politely noted to me that it was a fine guess, as I didn’t say English. He’s a really great guy to converse with and has a true love for the company he works for.



The owners were standing nearby with their pee chee folder-colored Golden Retriever named Shelby. Sender and Shelby were having some serious wholesome fun sharing licks and doggy-back romps. We will be visiting with them soon for a Friday evening cupping, and I will have more details to compose on just what they do and why they love it. For now, all I can say is yum!


While perusing more of the pearl canopied vendor stands on the eastern side of the twilight-tempted plaza, a glimmer of bright yellow hair caught my attention, and I just had to see what these four uniquely presented gals were up too. I realized I was stumbling into the Mode Du Jour land of Medispa creativity. The owner, Erienne Paquette Minnieweather, introduced me to her spritely salon team. They had these great, enthusiastic smiles and wanted to tell me all about their services, and a new product they offer called SkinSide Beauty Shots. It is quite interesting, and I recommend your own personal inquiry at the salon. I had fun chatting with them as they are super positive and informative.


The evening was moving into Sender’s bedtime. Nathan and I took a few last swigs of our fresh-squeezed lemonade, pet sweet pea Shelby dog one last time, and moseyed on home. It was a pleasant and easy-paced Tunes on Tuesday affair in beautiful Downtown Newberg.




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