It’s the sweat of the brow that my camera does not show you. The heavy breath of young and old lungs alike. The twitching muscles, as pound after pound of softened beauty bark is heaved across the city streets of Downtown Newberg.

Wide shovels loaded down with the shaky-tree skin of tall earth lungs, lain down for another purpose, are heftily lifted by these “bull of the woods” George Fox University volunteers and locally involved citizens. The dry beds scattered about town will soon all be plumped by the cush of the arbor matter.


Bark dust flies from the scaling end of these scattered-about-town piles.


The “Patriarchs of the Bark“, many long-time Newberg residents, such as Allyn Brown, Dennis Lewis, Mike Ragsdale, NDC President Rob Felton, and many others whom I have not enough space to list, are the backbone of this undertaking. These gentlemen are true leaders in the organizational details of the ongoing beautification of Newberg. Let us mentor beneath their guidance to develop the next generation of strong local leaders.


Rob Felton, President, Newberg Downtown Coalition




Mike Ragsdale, Executive Director, Newberg Downtown Coalition

For 17 years strong, George Fox University has been recreating “Serve Day” annually to keep our Historic Downtown a clean and aesthetically pleasing canvas. Young students readily volunteer their tree-like limbs of stable backs and athletic legs to this forest of effort, happily running forward when called upon by the simple need of numbers.


George Fox students annually volunteer more than a quarter of a million hours to service.



The community center hive is buzzing like a chainsaw with eager workers, giving freely of their precious time, between studies, between the experience of new friends and places, between working hours, to nourish Newberg as a growing seedling on the woodland floor of Oregon Wine Country.



Community Center RoundUp VIDEO



Even in witness to the hustle of the beautifying moment, we still fail to grasp the effort applied beforehand with the preparation of maps, bark logistics, and the analytical aspect of precisely where we need a touchup.




Wheelbarrows, rakes, and trash pickers are organized and supplied. The weed whackers are gassed up and ready to clear-cut any overgrown fields around the neighborhood.





These young swampers of bark, scatter through the city streets working in a furious manner to beat the heat of the day.



They know there is an ice-cold Popsicle waiting courtesy of Social Goods: A Newberg Family Market at the end of the “long logging road” through town.


GoodPop, A Truly Charitable Popsicle


Sender sneaks a cold treat with Robin Sikkens of Social Goods: A Newberg Family Market and Wine Lockers.

Thank you George Fox University, and the Newberg Downtown Coalition. Thank you fine young students, men and woman both, in your laborious efforts. Thank you local citizens young and old for serving on this day.



Turning back, we just see excellence in landscaping. In the midst, is a freezer full of cool pops. Gazing into the future, we view well rounded leaders with a bit of dirt under the nail, a taste for the chilled fruits of labor, and a deep understanding of the teamwork and time sacrifice it takes to truly make a community thrive.



img_3538George Fox Serve Day

September 2016

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