Hello My “Dahlia”, Hello My “Dahlia”, hello my ragtime gal…

The frog in the construction workers lunchbox of the classic Looney Tunes episodes dances through my mind as I gaze upon all of the incredibly diverse Dahlias that Yang’s Fresh Bloomer & Produce has upon display. That frog would never think about living in that blackened old snack tote again.

DSC_0003 DSC_0004


Nathan chatted for quite sometime with the owner, Mr. Yang, who journeys with his blossoms all the way from Gresham each week to the Newberg Farmer’s Market in Historic Downtown Newberg. Dahlia after heartily delicate dahlia, bursts from each bucket with a colorfully rhythmic, yet invisible pulse. I cannot help but to be captivated, and I must have a bouquet for my living room. Anyone that knows me, knows I love to have fresh flowers around. I choose a royally purple-cloaked bouquet. It seems fitting for such supreme elegance created only within nature herself.


Meanwhile, the back of my body is being caressed by gentle Traditional Irish music, as I stand with my silken efflorescence purchase. I turn to discover Pipedance. A charismatic, almost hobbit like couple, Gary and Nora Burman are enchanting me with delightful sounds of penny flute, Uilleann, and the skillful patter of clogging.




Gary playing the Uilleann

Gary thoughtfully added custom made wooden taps to the soles of Nora’s precision stepping hard shoes to add a more velvety audible tone upon the timber prance stand. They are a gentle couple, soft spoken and warm, true musicians down to the butter toffee core.


Nathan and Gary mutter music as Nora tells me she is a Cartographer and Wildlife Artist. They are performing twice here this summer all the way from Lincoln City. We thank them for the floating music notes that they poise upon the soft-petaled summer air.


I need a card for a family member who has recently lost a life long best friend. I know I can count on Barbara and her paper crafts at Cards & More of Dundee. She has many specialty cards that she hand crafts.


DSC_0025She takes meticulous care in the design and hand outlines to emphasize detail in embossment. The coordinating colors are just my approach. She hand makes each individual card and carries quite a few masculine styles, which can be hard to come by at times. I find what I need and get back to Sender.

DSC_0032We drift along the cool canopies like dandelion parachutes, aweing at brightly colored berries and personalities to match.



Joshua of Heart2Heart Farms teaches me all about a ladybug house. I just added over 4500 ladybugs to my flowerbeds this summer, and I will be ordering one of these for next year. It’s handcrafted fired clay with bamboo stalk. The ladybugs lay their eggs in the moist stalks and will stay on the property for generations to come of these little red and black bud savers.


It’s a bit of hot one, and we make our way to say hi to Mike and Helen of Cream Northwest.


One scoop of earl Gray, and one scoop of Basil homemade ice cream, please. We wait just a moment at the fire-orange truck to find out we get a little extra Basil as it just sold out with us. Score.



Sender Bodhi commences a childhood love affair with his spoon and stares mindfully into the hay, lost in the floral essence of his creamy dessert.


Oh baby, telephone, and tell me I’m your own…..


Farmer’s Market July 27th 2016