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Children’s Parade- Old Fashioned Festival 2016


Here comes Santa Claus. Here Comes Santa Claus.


Did you just find yourself getting a Christmas Carol stuck in your head? Wait, that’s not supposed to happen for another few months, at least.

Well, here at the Newberg Old Fashioned Festival with this year’s theme of “Christmas in July”, you just have to get in the spirit of things. Instead of baking cookies, we are baking in the sun. Luckily for us, the streets are tightly lined with mature, old growth trees to provide plenty of shade. It’s one of my favorite parts about living here. These trees have seen many a parade, and I would love to sit under each one and hear its’ story.


Here comes the fire truck. Here comes the fire truck.

There is that tune again, calling you to have a good time as the kiddos beginning to whiz by on their contraptions. Bicycles covered in streamers, monopoly racecar looking go-carts with candies flying out of them, strollers and tricycles meandering the loose-leaf like, itty-bity procession. It’s a fun game to attempt to catch these little cruiser’s costumes in my lens.


Zip. Zoom. There goes another tot racing by with Mom and Dad slipstreaming to keep up.


Candy is flying in every direction towards the shaded curbs. It’s ok that by standing little guys are jumping out with grocery bags and mini-totes to catch it all, it’s a safe parade with its small foot-pedal motorcade.


Little Sender Bodhi and Nathan are sitting on the corner catching airheads and dum-dums. I am already reminiscing the quickly passed pup-kiddo pomp. We’ll see you all next year, a little bigger, a little faster.


Merry Christmas in July!

Children’s Parade sponsored by Naps Thriftway. Lucky for us, it’s just around the corner when we need eggs and milk in a pinch!


Dog Costume Contest-Old Fashioned Festival 2016


The contest intro begins with an awesome Police K-9 Frisbee catch and an explanation of just what this amazing Furry Officer is trained to do. The kids are wowed, and I can tell they are in that wonderful state of doggie adoration. I know I am.


Its great to see local places such as the Newberg Family Pet Clinic, Newberg Animal Shelter, and the Newberg Veterinary Hospital helping to sponser the event.









Current Pets for Adoption, Newberg Animal Shelter

Downtown Newberg Businesses like Critter Cabana are also representing and judging.


Critter Cabana Prizes


The Dog Costume Contest a great way to get in a “frolicky” mood for the start of the Old Fashioned Festival.


These delicately dressed pooches seem right at home in the heat in silly costumes ranging from a Christmas Ewok for the them of “Christmas in July”, to a Skunk to one cuddly buddy simply called “Summer Fun” in a carnation pink dress. The owners mingle proudly and the kids are excited to show off their dressed-up hounds.





One by one, the excellent announcer brings up the categories and does a quick, friendly interview with the Dogs’ “person”. I say that on purpose, as I know that our terrier mix, Pepper, I am convinced, owns us and she knows it. She is very obedient when she wants to be and lucky for us she wants to be a “Good Girl” 99% of the time. These family “best friends” here are on their best show-“offy” behavior. They want to win and are enduring these outfits because they know it comes from love. They are just a bunch of gussied up fuzz-love-nuggets waiting to take home that big biscuit prize.


The two long-haired dachshunds are a “bride and groom”.




Some do tricks and some just pant, as if to say “Get me outta here you silly person”, “Christmas is cold, have you lost your minds in the heat or what?” Well, really I think it’s more like “Water, water, water, biscuit, water, toy prize, biscuit, home, nap”. Maybe it’s really me that is thirsty while I wait for another great costume to come up. It’s super fun and everyone is having a fine time.





Ok, time to judge.




A pet bed prize! And a biscuit guessing raffle!



Sender greets one of the winners “Kit”, the skunk.


Next year Pepper will debut for sure.



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