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Fireworks-Old Fashioned Festival 2016

We walked down the street on Saturday evening, about 8:30 PM. The sun is finally getting low, and we know it’s time to start heading over to Renne Field for the impending fireworks display. It’s an awesome one every year, full of color, zips, pops, and the delightful squeals of play-engulfed midsummer’s children.


We made our way through Memorial Park along the vendor fairways and had Sender’s giraffe balloon refilled for free. We’ve dragged it around for a few days and he needs a bit more “wind in his sails”.


We stopped for a quick visit at Heart2Heart Farms to pet their cuddly barn buddies again. Sender has developed a best friend relationship with the adorable fawn colored calf. They sit in the hay and share stories that only they understand.


We then made our way through the Carnival a few blocks over. It’s a blur of lights and screams. Kids running around with larger then life stuffed animals, won by the grand luck of some sort of chaotic toss. The International stage is in full swing with radio DJ’s from 93.1 El Ray. Twirling dancers and laughter seem to stretch for miles.


It’s the backside of twilight, and we can see the stage lit up with the sound of Soul Vaccination. The platform resides at a pleasant distance in the field. We decide to hang back with our little one below the faint glimmer of stars. Light sabers and glow-in-the-dark butterflies are streaming all around us. With the flick of a wrist, our vintage poncho finds a nice open spot to show off its faded, yet festive colors. It’s 10 o’clock; let the streams of fire begin…


Three, two, one, …*Fireworks. (video)


A picture is worth a thousand words, but the imagination paints an infinitude upon the mental canvas.


Electric green caterpillars

Shooting stars

Super Nova’s

Galactic ice cream dribbles

Rockets red glare

Dripping stardust

Elegant embers

Golden vertical rivers

Renegade sparkles

Collapsing lavender rays

Emerald explosions

Radiant reactors of rigid-less light

Positive Blackness


Blurs of glitter


Sender sleeps through the entire show in a rest only babies know.


Good night Newberg. We traverse the crowded sidewalks home, as if in a dreamy boat of steadily rowing oars of feet, half steeped in the poem of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, already looking forward to the next year when Sender is awake for this living dream.



*Video on youtube-GlensGizmos


Brews and BBQ-Old Fashioned Festival 2016


We can hear the music at our house as it makes rights and lefts through the downtown streets. It bounces off our roof and lets us know it’s time to go Brews & BBQ. We are strolling about 2 blocks away and there they are, the cartoon smoke fingers of aroma, beckoning us closer to the grinding grills of tri-tips, sausages, and pulled-pork.


We enter at the corner of Howard and First and are greeted kindly by the smiling ID checkers. Sender is allowed in until 8pm and will have a great time watching the kids dance and spray each other with large squirt bottles. The heat is to beat, and it’s not hard under the new large canopies this year.


The tables are full of our neighbors, and I am sure the crowd includes some visitors from nearby small towns and Portland. There are families, farmers, and familiar local small business owners. There are hubbub packs of 20, 30 and 40-something beer connoisseurs. It’s a lively bunch and there are smiles and laughter cushioning the heat. Mist fans add cool breeze to the party.




To me, Brews & BBQ is our summer block party for Downtown Newberg. Residents, tourists, and business come together to have a great time listening to Rock Music, drink local beers, and scarf down a whole heck of a lot of BBQ.



We are very fortunate, to have here locally, the multiple BBQ award winning Bert’s Chuck Wagon.The have an awesome building at the entrance to Downtown as you are coming from Portland on the right side.



You can’t miss it. Large red letters and a cool chuck wagon theme. They are here today with tons of shiny silver catering trays, heated and full of delicious meaty fair. I am excited for “The Crawfish Boil” coming up in September, we will be sure to attend.






NW Fresh Seafood, which lives in an awesome old church building of inspiring architecture down the street from our home, is here. They are serving a line of hungry for fish folks. The grill is lit up and you can smell tasty seasoning all around.











The James Gang BBQ Company and their smiling crew of lovely ladies are dishing up some heavenly smoked goods. They have amongst their trays, creamy mac n’ cheese to please any cheesy eater. They are super fun to order from and Nathan grabs a plate full of delish. The seats for filled for our wander but we happily grabbed a spot on the grass to share our plate. I am still thinking about the size of the smoker they have and how they get that matte black metal beast to and fro.



All the while in our tour of the scene, the Branded Band is pumping out some cool rock jams and a bit of country twist that is really just perfect for the eclectic, semi-rural, small-town urban spiked crowd. For a relatively small band, they certainly do not lack on pipes and riffs. The singers are full of energy as if a backed by smooth red bulls and the audience is really enjoying the show.



It makes me so happy to see others enjoy live music. There is something really special about the presence of musicians and the uniqueness they add to the ambience of an event, especially the outdoor kind such as this. They fill the city, not just the block. It doesn’t matter if you are within the fence or just passing by on a summer afternoon, you are sure to gather a slight skip of happy feet in your step.


I stopped by Chehalem Valley Brewing Company to sincerely comment them on the exquisitely crafted mobile bar they provided. It was handsomely created of reclaimed wood with a nice heavy shellac to accommodate possible spillage during the passing of their fine brew to eager imbibers. I had a great time talking with one of the owners John and his beautiful wife Kathleen.


We talked about great local places to score reclaimed building goods, and I picked up a few tips for Nathan’s construction business. Nathan is also restoring our 1904 home with his careful carpentry skills, and we use the existing home materials, reworked, as much as possible. It was fun to have a chat about wood, and we’ll visit with them down the road soon at their local pub to check out the extended menu and featured beers such as Blackberry Wheat or Broken Bottle IPA.




While stopping for some photo opps, I was kindly given some fine BBQ samples to try from the folks at Burning Boar BBQ out of St. Paul.

DSC_0183What a sweet gesture, and Nathan and I enjoyed every last bite of our heaping plate. The owner was very down-to-earth charming and genuinely proud of their family recipes. He noted to me that they get quite a few folks sniffing around for recipe secrets, which truly brings fun conversation and laughter to the food cart table.

DSC_0180I really enjoyed a down- home style helping of apple slaw and let them know how much we savored our plate in its entirety. Their headquarters out of St Paul, home of the famous “4th of July Rodeo”, is just a few miles down the road and I hope to see them back in Newberg soon. I am sure we will.


Parked right next door in the festive downtown yard is Golden Valley Brewery and Restaurant who were showcasing their new logo. These gals were so much fun and really enjoy working with this brewery. I had to really grab a quick second for photos to show them off, there was quite the line for their taps.




It was great to see Brian again from Deception Brewing of Dundee. He’s a really nice guy, and I enjoyed watching him pour fast and perfect for the deepening line of thirsty takers. They had plenty of stylishly sharp hats available that reflect the contrasted milieu of their look. I can’t wait to pop in sometime for a little tour.



All in all, we had an excellent time escaping the sun and delving into some sticky local BBQ feast with our neighbors. Even Sender, with his still young menu of foods, was grasping after the heavy plate of that fine smoker cooking.




Brews & BBQ Friday 2016






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