My name is Tiana Romine. My children are Sender Bodhi and Neelam Renaissance. We reside in Historic Downtown Newberg also known as “The Gateway to Oregon Wine Country”,  or “The Berg”,  as many George Fox University students would refer to it.

In 2014, after searching the Portland Metro area for a home to buy, I came across this happening little town of Newberg located just 26 miles from Portland, Oregon; directly on Highway 99, a straight route to the beach.

We live with my husband Nathan, and  spend our days poking around downtown; talking to local business owners while we shop; participating in wholesome local events, (which is just about every day of the week around here), and walking the neighborhood admiring the abundance of gorgeous old homes characteristic of Newberg.

We also love to garden as Newberg is “A Great Place to Grow”, another town slogan that I have personally come to know as superbly true. Whether it be flowers or veggies, both of which we have on our 1/4 acre lot in town, it all thrives and sends floral aromas high above and yummy tastes down below.

I have become very passionate about this stunningly beautiful place in which we have landed and now call our forever home.  Overtime, I found my facebook postings were just not enough, and I needed to create a blog which could potentially reach others searching for that Oregonian Paradise, a Wine-Lovers Utopia, the “Shangri-La” of North America.

Welcome to our Life in “The Berg”…….